Photo of Derby House

                                         The Derby House 

                                                                          A Jacksonville Tradition

                                              The arts, have been encouraged, nourished, and fed  

                                                           at the Derby House since 1944                                                             

                                                                                          1068 Park St 

                                                                 Jacksonville, FL 32204


         The Derby House is firmly committed to establishing a positive community presence in the 5 Points area:

The Derby House originally opened in 1944. More recently there has been a beautiful wood and wrought iron deck added to the North side of the old building. 

You are cordually invited to visit with us on the patio/ deck of the "Derby House" in 5 Points,

At which time you will be entertained with original and insightful, Florida home grown music:

Music, music, music. 

Fabulous Fridays on the Deck at the Derby House every Friday evening from 7 :00 PM till 11:00 PM. 

The Derby House will be hosting an open mic/ jam starting at 7:00PM and running until 9:00, followed by a featured performer, playing from 9-11 PM. 

In the event of inclement weather, all will be moved inside of the air-conditioned restaurant with "The panoramic view of 5 Points and the St. Johns river:"


Campbell and Dalton on the Deck at The Derby House August 28th, 2009

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We wish to invite lots of people who like to come out for warm summer evenings and cool fall/winter nights under the Florida skies.




Raven Stands Alone

Raven Stands Alone

Photo by Teresa Mary, digital enhancement by Bettina Makley

Raven Stands Alone

(Originally used a fictitious name)

 Born: December 22, 1947

Where: Stockton, California

When: 7:20am

Why: Not sure.

 Raven purchased his first guitar when he was 12 years old. He promptly broke it and started playing cornet and trumpet in the school marching band.

At 16 he played French horn for a semester then gave it up till he was 30.

At the age of 30 he bought a silver flute from a friend and found the love of his musical life.

At that time he also purchased a guitar so that he could sing and play music at the same time. 

Not an easy task for anyone and almost impossible on the flute.

Oh yeah, Raven has also ridden a bicycle across the United States 26 times:.


You can contact Raven at, or and you can put him in your buddy list as, or the most recent and most widely used