"A Second Opinion"

We in North America are plagued by a diet unparallel in time or place. The “Standard American Diet”, high in caloric intake and low in nutritional value, is filled with empty calories. It is ladened with undernourished, over processed, highly preserved, fiber poor foods. 

Lab rats, who would have survived and thrived on the whole wheat breads of our ancestors, now perish when provided a diet based solely on our new and improved, "vitamin enriched breads". 

Only in the past 100 years has man been eating refined flours, refined sugars, and synthetic food chemicals.

At the turn of the 20th century, in the early 1900’s, man consumed approximately 3 pounds of sugar per year. We now consume about 140 pounds of raw sugar per year, which equates to 41 teaspoons per day. This doesn’t even take into consideration all of the refined flour, which, except for a small amount of nutritional value, converts to pure sugar (glucose) in the blood, which if not used immediately (burned as fuel), is stored, with the help of insulin, as fat (reserve fuel for our bodies). We also consume an inordinate amount of sugar (40 to 50 pounds per year) in the form of fructose (fruit sugar) and lactose (milk sugar).

One hundred years ago there were approximately 50 different food products available for consumption. We now have over 500 products to choose from, most of them being of low nutritional value. A very large percentage of the calories that we consume daily are derived from high sugar and refined flour products, making it extremely possible to be overweight and undernourished.

Empty calories are responsible for a great many of our worst diseases. It should be recognized that our  "Standard American Diet”, filled with empty calories and low nutritional value can be associated with tooth decay, obesity, Diabetes Mellitus, and many coronary diseases.

Our intention in writing this book is to offer to you, the reader, a tremendously viable diet plan. We wish to submit, for your approval, a lifestyle change, “A Second Opinion” that, if adopted may well be the most effective, personally fulfilling, and emotionally revealing diet that can be envisioned...

Within this book we will discuss many aspects involved in achieving “good health”, as opposed to normal or average health (the average amount of cancer, heart attacks, diabetes, etc). Our major premise is that if provided the opportunity, our body’s intent is to function smoothly and efficiently, and to protect every aspect of our wellness, both physical and mental. 

One’s responsibility is to provide one’s body with the means to thrive and survive: 

By providing the required nutrients (vitamins, minerals, proteins, amino acids, etc) and by not overburdening the body with harmful products which subvert it’s functioning (carbohydrates and sugars) we can allow our bodies the opportunity to perform their intended function, that of keeping all of our parts in perfect working order, by establishing a homeostasis (perfect balance).

I would like to further suggest a revolutionary product, one that will very much help in achieving that perfect balance:

The all natural, scientifically enhanced Hyper-Immune Egg ( ) is designed to significantly aid in "Balancing the Immune System", that system whose primary function is to safeguard and protect every aspect of our mental and physical health. 

For the purposes of providing a total diet and health plan "A Second Opinion" would have one take either the 100% pure Hyperimmune Egg Powder "i26" daily, or (preferably) take it in conjunction with "Fit" (a total meal replacement) which has many other health benefits (including an abundance of protein, fiber, vitamins, minerals, less than 1 gram of sugar per serving, and includes a serving of i26 (the core product of Legacy for Life) in the formulation:

It is often said that "as long as you have your health, you have everything"...

I often wonder how many people actually believe that, and would take extra measures to insure that health?

How far/ to what extent will you go to retain, or regain your good health?

In the writing of this book we, the authors, will attempt to challenge your commitment to yourself:

"You can lead a horse to water but you can't make them drink..."

We wish to lead you to the pool, in hopes that you will partake:

In terms of the diet, we ask only  that you give up that which you do not need, and with respect to our i26 and/ or Fit recommendation, let us remind you that the Legacy for Life products carry a 90 day, money back satisfaction guarantee.

                                   To assure product and company integrity


This can only be perceived as a Win-Win proposition. 

Please join us in our quest for superior health and weight loss,

by considering adopting "Our Second Opinion" into your lifestyle:

How can you lose (or rather how much could you lose)?

Try our total wellness program, "Your Second Opinion"  for 30 days... 

You will feel and be much better:


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