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Our desire in writing this book is:

We wish to suggest an eating plan that will bring about many healthful changes to one’s entire bodily system and allow one to accomplish their desired weight loss goals, lower cholesterol, and help to stabilize sugar levels in a very satisfying manner.

With the inclusion of i26 "Fit" one will also experience a fully functional or dramatically improved, immune system and receive, by allowing the body to do what it does best, a myriad of extraordinary health benefits:

Let us begin with the premise that every diet can produce weight loss: 

It then follows, that all diets are valid, all diets can work, exercise can work, starvation can work, and the idea that our bodies are a delicate balance of the calories that we burn vs. the calories that we consume is indeed true.

If any diet can work, it then seems reasonable to assume that one’s diet of choice should be the one that allows you to eat enough food to avoid hunger, be easy to follow, be healthy, and have the ability to allow one to accomplish one's weight loss goals.

I have a picture in my mind, of a teepee of logs, hard wood stacked up and ready to burn. 

Instead of lighting these logs and producing a strong, hot  fire I envision someone continually throwing little scraps of paper onto the base of the assembly, which burn but only give off a little light, a little heat, and by refusing to ignite the basic core, only a little strength.

Still, the person is happy, thinking that he or she has produced a “real fire”, however with just a little more planning and a bit more work they could have ignited those logs and their entire house would be heated, the whole room would be lit, and he or she would be able to utilize that tremendous fire for a vast multitude of purposes, some of which can hardly be imagined.

We can accomplish so much more by not having to continually fuel our little fire with scraps, constantly worrying that it will go out, continually feeling that there must be something missing, but having no idea what it is.

This is exactly what we do when we eat sugar and to an equal extent carbohydrates, which turn to sugar when digested. High sugar consumption plays much responsibility in diabetes, heart disease, tooth decay, obesity, and many other debilitating diseases.

Imagine... (the first step in creating a new and different reality) no harmful excess fat in our arteries or veins, no more arteriosclerosis, no more hardening of the arteries, no more plaque, no more high blood pressure, a better heart, better organ function, no more gout, no more bad circulation, a renewed stamina, better mental clarity and emotional stability, no more sugar induced “peaks and valleys”, a more manageable hunger (less cravings), and no more bad cholesterol.

We can empower our bodies to burn cholesterol by depriving them of sugar and restricting carbohydrates. After the blood is purified, our bodies will then be forced to go into our storage supply ( fat deposits) for energy and we will then start to burn off excess fat, which is of course what we intended to do in the first place. 

It has been shown that lypolisis (fat burning) will occur with in 2 to 3 days of sugar deprivation and carbohydrate restriction. 

Keytone Strips, when placed in the urinary stream, will turn varying shades of purple, indicating the level of fat melting that is being achieved. By eliminating all sugars and restricting the amount of carbohydrates consumed to about 20 grams per day, lypolisis (fat melting) will occur: One should lose approximately ten pounds within the first 2 weeks and then conservatively ten pounds per month, which would equate to fifty or sixty pounds in 5 or 6 months or one hundred to one hundred and twenty pounds per year.

This weight reduction program "A Second Opinion"  is easy and satisfying, because one never has to be hungry: 

There are literally no restrictions on the quantity of meat, fish, chicken, eggs, and cheese that may be consumed on this program and very few restrictions on vegetables.



Originally, I referred to this diet as the “Wellness Diet” but as time has passed and I have experienced the subtitles and the unique implications of the program it has become obvious to me, that it is far more than just a diet. 

It has, for me, precipitated dramatic lifestyle changes, and induced major attitude adjustments. 

My hopes are that “A Second Opinion” will assist you in achieving your weight loss and wellness goals:



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