Chapter 1

A Second Opinion


We have been misled:

Whether it be out of medical and nutritional ignorance, corporate influence and greed, or a combination of both, we have been lied to;

By  following traditional dietary recommendations, we have been subjected to a poor health status, and a greatly reduced quality of life.

I wish to submit, for your approval, not a diet but a wellness alternative, "A Second Opinion" 

A program that has for me, precipitated dramatic lifestyle changes, and induced major attitude adjustments.

Might I share?

Ten years ago I was given a photograph of myself. I realized that I had put on a couple of extra pounds but I had convinced myself that “I carried them well”. Somehow when I looked in the mirror I saw someone other than myself staring back. That picture however, made me realize the truth; that I was indeed very overweight, and that I did not carry those extra pounds well.

I began cutting back on food portions, skipping meals, exercising, and many of the other things that one normally does, when attempting to lose weight. The combination of all of my attempts yielded very poor results:

One day, I was made aware of a remarkably unbelievable diet:

One in which I never had to be hungry, could eat almost all of my favorite entrees, had no restrictions on the amount of permissible foods that could be eaten, and offered many healthful benefits, in addition to those normally associated with weight loss.

I started this diet, following its precepts to the letter: Eating greater amounts of food, never allowing myself to be hungry, and snacking just to snack. 

Within six months I had lost sixty pounds, and felt very good throughout the entire process. I had a greater amount of energy, more emotional stability, I experience a significant drop in cholesterol, and had achieved better health.

It seems that I am carbohydrate intolerant, which means that my body burns smaller amounts of sugars and carbohydrates than do those of some others (it is also quite possible that I am just not physically active enough to burn off all those sugars). Excess amounts of sugars and carbohydrates store themselves as fat, (reserve fuel used to produce energy when needed).

I remedied my situation by adjusting the intake of the offending foods, enabling my body to use my stored reserves (fat) for energy, and I accomplished this without jeopardizing my health…To the contrary, my health and stamina improved.

Ten years later, I am on a modified version of this diet. I am adding enough additional carbohydrates to stabilize my weight, which is great ‘cause I enjoy breads, pasta, potatoes, and rice and now I can occasionally eat them, but what I have really enjoyed adding to my diet is some vegetables that couldn't be consumed previously because they were too starchy or sweet (acorn squash, lima beans, corn, etc.) and fruits (which on the original diet contained too much sugar). The reality is however, that sugars and refined carbohydrates have little or no nutritional value and are neither essential to, or good for ones health and survival.

I have established a “cut off point”, and do not allow myself to gain any more than ten pounds, before going back on the original diet. For example, one holiday season I could not bare the thought of not enjoying all of the tantalizing candies and baked goods that were available, so I threw caution to the wind and celebrated for a month. To my dismay, although expected, I put on an extra 10 pounds. I immediately went back on the original diet and within a month I had lost all of the extra weight.

This "Second Opinion" should be adopted by anyone desiring a healthier dietary regime. 

The ability to satisfy one’s hunger, while controlling one’s weight, is reason enough to try this diet. However when one realizes the additional implications to this extremely healthy program, one may decide to not just “go on a diet”, but to consider it to be a prudent lifestyle decision.

I invite you to further inspect "A Second Opinion”. To consider the implications of the diet and to possibly, “give it a try”. 

My hopes and prayers are that it might afford you greater health and a renewed zest for life.

The primary reason for involving oneself in this program should be the desire for a better, healthier, happier, and more productive life. 

The weight loss will surely occur, but this should be seen as a secondary consideration, the least important result of the diet: 

A visual conformation that "Our Second Opinion" is working. 


{We ask that anyone with serious health issues, such as Diabetes and/ or mental health problems 

consult  their physician before beginning "A Second Opinion" wellness and diet program, 

as close monitoring of medications will be critical:

There is a distinct possibility that certain medications (insulin etc.) 

will need to be reduced as sugars and carbohydrates are restricted 

and the body begins to work more efficiently and healing begins}


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