Chapter 27



I am not a great believer in the consumption of alcohol, however there are zero carbohydrates in distilled spirits:

So drinks such as brandy, cognac, whiskey, scotch, bourbon, rum, gin, vodka, vermouth, aquavit (snaps), and the like can be consumed (straight or with a none sugar mix) with no restriction (although moderation is certainly encouraged)

The Carbohydrate gram count on other alcohols are as follows:

Carbs in Beer (12 oz. Serving) Carbs in Malt Liquor (8.5 oz. Serving) Carbs in Table Wine (5 oz. Serving) Carbs in Champagne or Sparkling Wine (5 oz. serving) Carbs in Dessert Wines Carbs in Liqueurs (2.5 oz. serving) Carbs in Brandy / 80 proof Gin, Vodka, Whiskey etc. (1.5 oz serving)


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