Prospectus on the feasibility of a well staffed medical assessment and compliance based referral, education, and equipment “set-up”/ installation service:


       "A Second Opinion”  


Are you frustrated by having to find a DME company to supply your patients needs:

One that will accept their insurance, and will provide services that you deem satisfactory :

Might we suggest, getting "A Second Opinion":


                  Providing optional Billing Services:

  Upon request:


Cpap, Auto Cpap, Bipap, Bipap ST, Nebulizer, and Oxygen Set up / and or follow up:  

Inclusive in all installations are the following:

1.      Patient assessment and education

2.      Documentation

3.      Billing information

4.      72 hour compliance and educational call

5.      Follow up for 90 days

6.      30 and 90 day down loads of Cpap/ Bipap

7.      Compliance reports

8.      30 day follow-up, with overnight’s for all patients to ascertain the effectiveness of treatment:

9.      New Cpap/ Bipap Masks provided at 90 days

( patients are then turned over to the specified DME provider with the stipulation that if patient satisfaction is not provided, or questions remain unanswered they (the patient) are welcome and clinically required to call upon “A Second Opinion” to receive said satisfaction)

         10.  At 5 years (or when-ever time allowable) a new Cpap will be provided to qualifying patients and the cycle will repeat:





Would it be feasible to assume that a Dr. might consider putting his trust in an organization that is well qualified and committed to assisting him in administering to his patient’s care. (Staffed by Respiratory Therapists and well qualified professionals), at no additional cost to he or she (the Doctors) or to their patients.

Charges incurred would be the responsibility of any number of well-qualified DME providers:


All equipment to be thoughly inspected to assure proper functioning, safety, and worthiness of placement in your patient’s home.


Potential Charges:


Cpap-Bipap set-ups: $150.00:

Ø      15% of allowable reimbursement’s for 90 days:

Ø      7.5% for the remainder of the billing cycle:


               Oxygen set-ups: $100.00

Ø      15% of allowable reimbursement’s for 60 days:

Ø      7.5% for the remainder of the billing cycle


                Nebulizer set-ups: $35.00, with follow-ups, replacement neb-kits, and overnights, to be done after 30 days:


Do not allow your patient’s care be compromised or motivated by the profits to be made by a DME company:

In the hospital, you trust much of your patient’s care to the expertise of Respiratory  Therapists: 

Allow us to assess and educate your patients in a setting in which you are not familiar. A setting in which lifestyle changes must be implemented; their Home

“A Second Opinion”, a patient care, education, and compliance oriented company; staffed by Respiratory Therapists and like-minded professionals.

Thank you for your consideration in using “A Second Opinion” as a "go between company,

between you and your patients, their insurance companies, and their durable medical goods providers: 

We, as Respiratory Therapists, humbly offer our services as caring medical professionals, “first responders”:

           Thank You,

                             "A Second Opinion"