We wish to thank Dr. Robert Atkins, who dedicated his life... attempting to make people aware of the health imbalances that would surely occur if we continued to hold fast to the precepts of “The Standard American Diet”: 

A diet which adheres to a carbohydrate based food pyramid, does very little to improve the health of the masses, is represented by a myriad of special interest groups, and has become a powerful financial empire:

I also wish to commend Dr. Atkins on his innovative work in controlling diabetes through dietary changes. 

"His  work should have been taken seriously and adopted into the lifestyles of every American and all of the people in the world. 

Instead his work was debunked" by those of " the traditional school of thought" 

(those who were most probably well received by people concerned more with their own personal agendas, than with critical health issues that plague the world)

"You should have been allowed to, and applauded for, improving the quality of life of millions of people:"

I also wish to thank the original joint venture by DCV (DuPont and Conagra) who developed, what is now known as i26 (immune 26) which is owned (over 100 patents), operated, and distributed by Legacy for Life... and the undaunted efforts of Hellen Greenblatt, the chief science officer of Legacy for life, for the past 15 years ( she holds a dual doctorate, in microbiology and immunology) for promoting, and providing study after study and proof after proof of i26's efficacy, and value:


(Taken directly from the Company Website) 

Proven in pre-clinical and clinical trials around the world

i26 has been proven effective in pre-clinical and clinical trials to positively support proper immune function. Trials have been conducted by Harvard, The United States Military, The Hospital for Special Surgery in NYC and the University of Southern Mississippi among others. 

Trials have been conducted on many topics:

  • Joints
  • Cholesterol Levels
  • Digestive Health
  • Sports Performance
  • Inflammatory response
  • Quality of life issues for HIV/AIDS patients
A list of trials and their outcomes can be found by using the search term Hyperimmune Egg ( )

Over 50 million dollars has been spent to date, developing i26 and studying its positive effects.







                     To assure product integrity


We wish to dedicate this book to all of the people who are looking to achieve better heath and a renewed feeling of well-being. 

May the disclosure of this viable prescription for weight loss and improved health, "A Second Opinion" be well received and totally  understood  .

We also wish to thank all Veterans, especially the Vietnam Vets.

You were the last participants in a War in which we still had the draft, and many of you served (although extremely honorably) out of duress and necessity. 

We wish to (finally) thank you and welcome you home:

I would also like to apologize for all of the hurt and the pain that you were subjected to, and the feelings of alienation that you were forced to endure:

We wish to explain that much of the protesting of the War, was the protesting of the fact that so many of our men and boys were torn from our heartland and put in terrible jeopardy,  for what many thought was an unjustifiable war (John F. Kennedy had made plans to pull our troops out of Vietnam in his second term, but those plans were thwarted) ... 

The only way that young people who were not in the military could attempt to protect our brothers in arms, was to protest the War and demand that our boys were brought back home ( we were all of one fabric and of one time... so much the same, that lies and deceit had to be employed to create divisions that never truly existed )

I raise my glass to welcome you home. and thank you for all that you did. 

I also thank God that you, unlike so many others (58,000), made it back:


I would also like to thank my lovely wife of 23 years, Regina,  for putting up with me for all of this time,  

Stanley Bryant, my very good friend and "Respiratory Buddy",  who co-authored our book (below), 

and his lovely wife Wendy for putting up with the both of us.

Living With Your Heart & Lungs

Paperback and Download: 

Living With Your Heart & Lungs


The field of cardiopulmonary medicine (heart and lungs) becomes more complex with every pandemic, each new disease (like... Swine Flu, H1N1) and each medical breakthrough. Understanding the scope of your care and available treatment options has become staggering. With the imminent changes to our healthcare system, it is paramount that patients today become informed medical consumers. You, your family, and loved ones will have limited financial/ reimbursement resources to spend on medical care each year.

Between advancements in medicine and the lack of control in medical malpractice law suits your healthcare provider is forced to practice defensive medicine. This practice has made medical care tremendously expensive. You and your loved ones must become informed medical consumers in order to spend your medical funds wisely. This book is your vital source of trusted information, conveniently presented in words that you and your loved ones can understand, in order to make informed medical decisions


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