Computer check-up and diagnostic!
Computer been a little slow and cranky lately?
Wish that it would load those graphics a little quicker?
Sometimes it connects to the internet, sometimes it doesn't?
Keep getting error messages like, "System Resources are Inadequate" or "Not Enough System Memory?"
Can't afford to take it to a "real" computer repair shop?
Do you wish you could afford your own computer techie who would come to your house and give your unit a good going over?
You can!
Raven Stands Alone,  904-387-6225, will come to your home or place of business and do a thorough diagnostic and troubleshoot your PC computer, make recommendations and perform maintenance for a one time fee of $20.00 (for the first hour).
Most computer problems can be diagnosed and resolved in much less than an hour. Let me be your private computer technician. *
Forward this to a friend and receive $5.00 off of the cost of your visit if they use your name!!!!!!!!**
Jacksonville, Orange Park and Middleburg, Florida area only.
*Windows95, Windows98, Windows98SecondEdition, WindowsME, Windows2000 and WindowsXP Home and Professional only.
** Free "Open Office Suite" installed upon request based on free Hard Disk Drive space requirements.

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