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"Giving a voice to the forest, Giving a voice to the dawn. Giving a voice to the wilderness and the land that we live on"

John Denver

1943 - 1997



One of the world's best-known and best-loved performers, John Denver earned international acclaim as a songwriter, performer, actor, environmentalist and humanitarian. John’s music has spanned three decades, outlasted countless musical trends, and garnered numerous music awards and honors, including a 1996 Induction into the Songwriter’s Hall of Fame, and in 1993, the prestigious Albert Schweitzer Music award.

The son of a U.S Air Force officer, John’s artistic journey began after the family moved to Tucson, where at age eleven, he was given his grandmother’s guitar. John eventually took up guitar lessons and joined a boy’s choir, which led him at age 20 to take matters into his own hands and pursue his dream of a career in music.

In 1963 he struck out on his own, moving to Los Angeles to be in the heart of the burgeoning music scene. It was during this time that Henry John Deutschendorf Jr. was urged by friends to change his name if a recording career was to be in his future. His friends suggested the name John Sommerville, but he ultimately took his stage name from the beautiful Rocky Mountain capital city of Colorado, his home state.

John Denver experienced his first major break in the music industry when he was chosen from 250 other hopefuls as lead singer for the popular Mitchell Trio. Two years and three albums later, John had honed his considerable vocal talent and developed his own song writing style. He soon gained recognition when his song Leaving On A Jet Plane was recorded by Peter, Paul and Mary, becoming their first and only Number One hit.

Less than two years later, after the trio disbanded, John himself was climbing up the Pop charts with songs like “Take Me Home, Country Roads,” “Rocky Mountain High,” “Sunshine On My Shoulders,” “Annie’s Song,” “Back Home Again,” “Thank God I’m A Country Boy,” and “Calypso,” –solidifying his position as one of the top stars of the decade.

Denver's concert tours reached millions globally. The world embraced John - captivated by each new release, including 14 gold albums and 8 platinum albums in the U.S as well as numerous gold and platinum sales overseas.

All of this emerged as a reflection of John’s personal growth and artistic evolution. By his third album in 1970, John’s social and political leanings were defined more clearly. John was one of the first artists to share an environmental message through his music, beginning with the song “Whose Garden Was This?”. This was the first in a long line of songs that he wrote about the environment. .

Fans responded to his environmental and humanitarian messages, heartfelt urgings towards the earth, peace, and compassion that were consistently communicated in a gentle manner on his records and at live performances.

His passion to help create a global community paved the way for ventures into new musical and geographic territories. In 1985 he was invited by the Soviet Union of Composers to perform in their country, inspiring the internationally acclaimed song “Let Us Begin (What Are We Making Weapons For?)”, which was featured on John’s 25th album “One World”. (cont...)

A separate and unique version of the song was recorded in Moscow as a duet with the well-known Soviet singer Alexandre Gradsky. That recording was the first time a Soviet artist was allowed to perform on a record with a major American singer. The powerful video of “Let Us Begin” moved viewers around the world.

“I thought that I might be able to do something to further the cause of East/West understanding. (This) seemed like a good time to see the face behind all the propaganda. The Russians say that the first swallow of spring won’t make the weather for the whole season, but it can mark the turn toward a warmer climate. I tried to be that swallow.”

The success of his visit paved the way for a concert tour of the USSR in 1986. These were the first performances by an American artist since the cold war began - an unprecedented cultural exchange between the United States and the Soviet Union. He returned to the USSR in 1987 to do a benefit concert for the victims of Chernobyl..

John was also the first artist from the West to do a multi-city tour of Mainland China, in October 1992. He was somewhat astonished to discover how popular and well known his songs were with the Chinese. "Country Roads," he was told, "is the most famous song written in the West."

John also contributed his talents to the benefit of many charitable and environmental causes and has received numerous civic and humanitarian awards over the years.

Today, millions of fans, old and new, enjoy the work of this extraordinary performer. 30 albums and three decades after he began, John Denver’s music is as relevant as ever. His humanitarian work continues to strengthen our global village, and his dynamic celebration of life, spirit and nature is a powerful inspiration to us all.



John was a true adventurer, exploring all that the world had to offer. Throughout his life’s journey, John challenged himself on every level, which is an integral part of what made him an extraordinary man, an uncommon friend and a rare human being.


While the frontiers of the American West satisfied his spirit, Less-traveled frontiers appealed to his imagination. John’s well-known interest in outer space led him to witness the launch of the first internationally manned space flight, the Apollo/Soyuz 1. He was so taken with the experience that he attended the launch of the Apollo/Soyuz 2 as well as the landing of the space shuttle, the Sts 1. His enthusiasm for space travel was so great that he took and passed NASA’s physical examination to determine mental and physical fitness needed for space travel.


He then became one of the leading candidates to be the “first civilian in space”. John was planning on writing a song while up in space, but circumstances kept him from joining that ill-fated expedition which saddened the world when it exploded during take-off in 1986.

One of the thrills of his involvement with NASA was getting to fly and land the Space Shuttle simulator. Because of his steadfast support, NASA awarded John its public service medal for helping "increase awareness of space exploration by the people of the world." John was also honored to be the Master of Ceremonies at the Goddard Dinner in Washington D.C, a yearly black tie event that honors aerospace luminaries which is attended by aerospace executives, government officials and space educators, to honor the previous years achievements in space.

Among his many gifts, John was also a talented photographer. He photographed images of the people and places he experienced all over the world and showed his work professionally, often in connection with speeches made at colleges, universities as well as government and business facilities across the country. A series of John’s Photographs along with paintings by David Armstrong were exhibited by the Hammer Gallery in NYC from December 2, 1980 through January 7th 1981, celebrating and benefiting The Windstar Foundation.

Many of John’s songs reflected his relationship with nature and indeed, one of his greatest pleasures was spending time outdoors. He spent as much time as possible backpacking, hiking and climbing and was also an avid fisherman; a rod and reel in hand as often as a guitar. John was a golf enthusiast as well, not only a yearly guest at the Bob Hope Celebrity Classic but the host of his own annual Pro-Am Celebrity Golf Tournament in Tucson every January.

These are just a few of John Denver’s numerous interests, all of which help to illuminate the true diversity of John’s talents and passions.


Rhymes and Reasons
Released October 1969

1. The Love of Common People
2. Catch Another Butterfly
3. Daydream*
4. The Ballad of Spiro Agnew
5. Circus*
6. When I’m Sixty-Four
7. The Ballad of Richard Nixon
8. Rhymes and Reasons*

1. Yellow Cat
2. Isabel*
3. (You Dun Stomped) On My Heart
4. My Old Man
5. I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free
6. Today Is The First Day Of The Rest Of My Life

Take Me To Tomorrow
Released May 1970

1. Take Me To Tomorrow*
2. Isabel*
3. Follow Me*
4. Forest Lawn
5. Aspenglow*
7. Amsterdam

1. Anthem-Revelation*
2. Sticky Summer Weather*
3. Carolina In My Mind
4. Jimmy Newman
5. Molly

Whose Garden Was This?
Released October 1970

1. Tremble If You Must
2. Sail Away Home*
3. The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down
4. Mr. Bojangles

1. Whose Garden Was This?
2. The Game Is Over
3. Eleanor Rigby
4. Old Folks
5. Medley: Golden Slumbers; Sweet Sweet Life; Tremble If You Must
6. Jingle Bells (adapted by John Denver)

Poems, Prayers and Promises
Released May 1971: Certified Platinum by RIAA

1. Poems, Prayers and Promises*
2. Let It Be
3. My Sweet Lady*
4. Wooden Indian*
5. Junk
6. Gospel Changes

1. Take Me Home, Country Roads (Gold Single)*
2. I Guess He’d Rather be In Colorado*
3. Sunshine On My Shoulders*
4. Around and Around
5. Fire and Rain
7. The Box

Released February 1972; Certified Gold by RIAA

1. Starwood In Aspen*
2. Everyday
3. Casey’s Last Ride
4. City Of New Orleans
5. Friends With You
6. 60-second song for a bank –“May We Help You Today?”

1. Blow Up Your TV
2. All Of My Memories*
3. She Won’t Let Me Fly Away
4. Readjustment Blues
5. The Eagle And The Hawk*
6. Tools*

Rocky Mountain High

Released September 1972; Certified Platinum by RIAA

1. Rocky Mountain High*
2. Mother Nature’s Son
3. Paradise
4. For Baby (For Bobbie)*
5. Darcy Farrow
6. Prisoners*

1. Goodbye Again*
2. Season Suite: Summer, Fall, Winter, Late Winter, Early Spring, Spring *

Farewell Andromeda
Released June 1974; Certified Gold by RIAA

1. I’d Rather Be A Cowboy*
2. Berkeley Woman
3. Please Daddy
4. Angels From Montgomery
5. River Of Love

1. Rocky Mountain Suite (Cold Nights in Canada)*
2. Whiskey Basin Blues*
3. Sweet Misery
4. Zachary and Jennifer*
5. We don’t Live Here No More
6. Farewell Andromeda*

John Denver’s Greatest Hits

Released November 1974; Certified Platinum by RIAA

1. Take Me Home Country Roads*
2. Follow Me*
3. Starwood In Aspen*
4. For Baby (For Bobbie)*
5. Rhymes and Reasons*
6. Leaving On A Jetplane*

1. The Eagle And The Hawk*
2. Sunshine On My Shoulders*
3. Goodbye Again*
4. Poems, Prayers and Promises*
5. Rocky Mountain High*

Back Home Again

Released June 1974; Certified Platinum by RIAA

1. Back Home Again*
2. On The Road
3. Grandma’s Feather Bed
4. Matthew*
5. Thank God I’m A Country Boy
6. The Music Is You*

1. Annie’s Song*
2. It’s Up To You
3. Cool An’ Green An’ Shady*
4. Eclipse*
5. Sweet Surrender*
6. This Old Guitar*

An Evening With John Denver
Released February 1975

1. The Music Is In You*
2. Farewell Andromeda (Welcome To My Morning)*
3. Mother Nature’s Son
4. Summer*
5. Today
6. Saturday Night In Toledo Ohio

1. Matthew*
2. Rocky Mountain Suite (Cold Nights in Canada)*
3. Sweet Surrender
4. Grandma’s Feather Bed*
5. Annie’s Song*
6. The Eagle And The Hawk*

1. My Sweet Lady*
2. Annie’s Other Song*
3. Boy From The Country
4. Rhymes And reasons*
5. Forest Lawn

1. Pickin’ the Sun Down
2. Thank God I’m A Country Boy
3. Take Me Home, Country Roads*
4. Poems, Prayers And Promises*
5. Rocky Mountain High*
6. This Old Guitar


Released September 1975

1. Windsong
2. Cowboy’s Delight
3. Spirit*
4. Looking For Space*
5. Shipmates And Cheyenne*
6. Late Nite Radio*

1. Love Is Forever*
2. Two Shots*
3. I’m Sorry*
4. Fly Away*
5. Calypso*
6. Song Of Wyoming*

Rocky Mountain Christmas
Released 1975

1. Aspenglow*
2. The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire)
3. Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer
4. Silver Bells
5. Please, daddy (Don’t Get Drunk This Christmas)
6. Christmas For Cowboys

1. Away In A Manger
2. What Child Is This
3. Coventry Carol
4. Oh Holy Night
5. Silent Night, Holy Night
6. A Baby Just Like You*

Released August 1976

1. Come And Let Me Look In Your Eyes*
2. Eli’s Song
3. Wrangell Mountain Song*
4. Hitchhiker*
5. In A Grand Way
6. Polka Dot And Moonbeams

1. It Makes Me Giggle*
2. Baby, You Look Good To Me Tonight
3. Like A Sad Song*
4. San Antonio Rose
5. Pegasus*
6. The Wings That Fly Us Home*

John Denver’s Greatest Hits, Volume 2
Released March 1977

1. Annie’s Song*
2. (Welcome To My Morning)*
3. Fly Away*
4. Like A Sad Song*
5. Looking For Space*
6. Thank God I’m A Country Boy

1. Grandma’s Feather Bed
2. Back Home Again*
3. I’m Sorry*
4. My Sweet Lady*
5. Calypso*
6. This Old Guitar*

I Want To Live
Released November 1977

1. How Can I Leave You Again*
2. Tradewinds*
3. Bet On The Blues
4. It Amazes Me*
5. To the Wild Country*
6. Ripplin’ Waters

1. Thirsty Boots
2. Dearest Esmerelda
3. Singing Skies And Dancing Waters*
4. I Want To Live*
5. Druthers*

John Denver

Released January 1979

1. Downhill Stuff*
2. Sweet Melinda
3. What’s On Your Mind*
4. Joseph And Joe*
5. Life Is So Good*
6. Berkeley Woman

1. Johnny B. Goode
2. You’re So Beautiful*
3. Southwind
4. Garden Song
5. Songs of…*

A Christmas Together
John Denver and The Muppets
Released October 1979

1. Twelve Days Of Christmas
2. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
3. The Peace Carol
4. Christmas Is Coming
5. A Baby Just Like You*
6. Deck The halls
7. When The River Meets The Sea

1. Little Saint Nick
2. Noel: Christmas Eve 1913
3. The Christmas Wish
4. Medley: Alfie; The Christmas Tree;
     Carol For A Christmas Tree; It’s In Every One Of Us*
5. Silent Night, Holy Night
6. We Wish You A Merry Christmas

Released February 1990

1. Dancing With The Mountains*
2. The Mountain Song
3. How Mountain Girls Can Love
4. Song For The Life
5. The Ballad Of St. Anne’s Reel
6. In My Heart*

1. Wrangell Mountain Song
2. Whalebones And Crosses
3. American Child*
4. You Say That The Battle Is Over
5. Autograph*

Some Days Are Diamonds
Released June 1981

1. Some Days Are Like Diamonds
2. Gravel On The ground
3. San Francisco Mabel Joy
4. Sleepin’ Alone*
5. Easy On Easy Street

1. The Cowboy And The Lady
2. Country Love*
3. Till You Opened My Eyes
4. Wild Flowers In A Mason Jar
5. Boy From The Country

Seasons Of The Heart
Released February 1982

1. Seasons Of The Heart*
2. Opposite Tables*
3. Relatively Speaking*
4. Dreams
5. Nothing But A Breeze
6. What One Man Can Do*

1. Shanghai Breezes*
2. Islands*
3. Heart To Heart*
4. Perhaps Love*
5. Children Of The Universe)*

Rocky Mountain Holiday
John Denver and The Muppets
Released November 1982

1. Hey Old Pal*
2. Grandma’s Feather Bed
3. She’ll Be Comin’ Round The Mountain
4. Catch Another Butterfly
5. Down By The Old Mill Stream
6. Durango Mountain Caballero*
7. Gone Fishin’

1. Medley: Tumbling Tumbleweeds; Happy trails
2. Poems, Prayers And promises*
3. Take ‘em Away
4. Going Camping
5. Home On The Range
6. No One Like You

It’s About Time
Released September 1983

1. Hold On Tightly*
2. Thought Of You*
3. Somethin’ About*
4. On The Wings Of A Dream*
5. Flight

1. Falling Out Of Love*
2. I Remember Romance*
3. Wild Montana Skies*
4. World game*
5. It’s About Time*

John Denver’s Greatest Hits, Volume 3
Released November 1984

1. How Can I Leave You Again*
2. Some days Are Like Diamonds (Some Days Are Stones)
3. Shanghai Breezes*
4. Seasons Of The heart*
5. Perhaps Love*
6. Love Again*

1. Dancing With The Mountains*
2. Wild Montana Skies*
3. I Want To Live*
4. The Gold And Beyond*
5. Autograph*

Dreamland Express
Released June 1985

1. Dreamland Express*
2. Claudette
3. Gimme Your Love
4. Got My Heart Set On You
5. If Ever

1. The Harder they Fall*
2. Don’t Close Your Eyes Tonight
3. A Wild Heart Looking For Home*
4. I’m In The Mood To Be Desired
5. Trail Of Tears*
6. African Sunrise*

One World
Released June 1986

1. Love Is The Master*
2. Love Again*
3. I Remember You
4. Hey there, Mister Lonely Heart*
5. Let us begin*
6. Flying For me*

1. Along For The Ride (’56 T-Bird)
2. I Can’t Escape*
3. True Love Takes Time*
4. One World*
5. It’s A Possibility*


Higher Ground
Released September 1989 by Windstar Records

1. Higher Ground
2. Homegrown Tomatoes
3. Whispering Jesse*
4. Never A Doubt*
5. Deal With The Ladies*
6. Sing Australia*

1. A Country Girl In Paris*
2. For You*
3. All This Joy*
4. Falling Leaves (The Refugees)*
5. Bread And Roses
6. Alaska And Me*

Earth Songs
Released 1990 by Windstar Records

1. Windsong
2. Rocky Mountain Suite (Cold Nights In Canada)*
3. Rocky Mountain High*
4. Sunshine On My Shoulders*
5. The Eagle And The Hawk*
6. Eclipse*
7. The Flower that Shattered The Stone

1. Raven’s Child*
2. Children Of the Universe*
3. To The Wild Country*
4. American Child
5. Calypso*
6. Islands*
7. Earth Day Every Day (Celebrate)*

The Flower That Shattered The Stone
Released September 1990 by Windstar Records

1. The Flower That Shattered The Stone
2. Thanks To You
3. Postcard from Paris
4. High, Wide, and Handsome
5. Eagles And Horses*
6. A Little Further North

1. Raven’s Child*
2. Ancient Rhymes*
3. The Gift You Are*
4. I Watch You Sleeping
5. Stonehaven Sunset*
6. The Flower That Shattered The Stone (Reprise)

Christmas, Like A Lullaby
Released December 1990 by Windstar records

1. Christmas, Like A Lullaby*
2. The First Noel
3. Away In A Manger
4. The Children Of Bethlehem
5. Jingle Bells
6. White Christmas

1. Marvelous Toy
2. Blue Christmas
3. Rudolph, the Red-Nosed reindeer
4. Little Drummer Boy
5. The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire)
7. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

A Christmas Together
John Denver and The Muppets
Released November 1990 by Windstar Records

1. Twelve Days Of Christmas
2. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
3. The Peace Carol
4. Christmas Is Coming
5. A Baby Just Like You*
6. Deck The Halls
7. When The River Meets The Sea

1. Little Saint Nick
2. Noel: Christmas Eve 1913
3. The Christmas Wish
4. Medley: Alfie; The Christmas Tree;
    Carol For A Christmas Tree; It’s In Every One Of Us*
5. Silent Night, Holy Night
6. We Wish You A Merry Christmas

Different Directions
Released September 1991 by Windstar Records

1. Potter’s Wheel
2. Ponies
3. The Foxfire Suite*
    Spring Is Alive
    You Are…
    Whisper The Wind
    Spring Is Alive (Reprise)
4. Chained To The Wheel

1. Two Different Directions*
2. Hold On To Me
3. The Chosen Ones
4. Amazon*
5. Tenderly Calling

John Denver – Country Roads
1994 Windstar Records (Never Been Released)

1. Take Me Home, Country Roads*
2. Rocky Mountain High*
3. Annie’s Song*
4. Country Girl In Paris*
5. For You*
6. Sunshine On My Shoulders*

1. Eagle And The Hawk*
2. Whispering Jesse*
3. Eagles And Horses*
4. Calypso*
5. The Flower That Shattered The Stone
6. In A Far Away Land

John Denver – Love Again
Released 1996 by CMC Records

1. Annie’s Song*
2. Perhaps Love*
3. Dreamland Express*
4. Rocky Mountain High*
5. Seasons of The Heart*
6. Whispering Jesse*
7. Take Me Home, Country Roads*
8. For You*
9. Windsong*
10. Leaving On A Jetplane*
11. I’m Sorry*
12. Back Home Again*
13. Sunshine On My Shoulders*
14. Thank God I’m A Country Boy*
15. Christmas For Cowboys
16. Love Again*

The John Denver Collection – Delta Music 5 CD Set

Take Me Home, Country Roads
Homegrown Tomatoes
Eagles And Horses
High, Wide, and Handsome
Hold On To me
Whispering Jesse
Never A Doubt
Eagle And The Hawk
For YouAnnie’s Song
Annie’s Song
Potter’s Wheel
Two Different Directions
Chained To The Wheel
A Country Girl In Paris
All This Joy
Thanks To You
The Gift You Are
I Want To Live
Rocky Mountain High
To The Wild Country
The Chosen Ones
The Foxfire Suite
Higher Ground
Raven’s Child
Bread And Roses
Rocky Mountain Suite
Grandma’s Feather Bed
The Marvelous Toy
Sunshine On My Shoulders
Deal With The Ladies
Earth Day Every Day (Celebrate)
Ancient Rhymes
Tenderly Calling
Falling Leaves (The Refugees)
Children of the Universe
The Flower That Shattered The Stone
American Girl
Postcard From Paris
In A Far Away Land
A Little further North
Sing Australia
Alaska And Me
Stonehaven Sunset
Potter’s Wheel (Live)
The Flower that Shattered the Stone (Reprise)

‘And So It Goes” with the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, on
Will The Circle Be Unbroken, Volume II
(Album of The Year, Country Music Award 1989)



John’s music clearly reflects the conscience of a concerned citizen, a man working for the improvement of the quality of life for all people – environmentally, socially and politically. He was asked to serve as a member of the Presidential Commission on World and Domestic Hunger and was one of the five founders of The Hunger Project – an organization committed to the sustainable end of chronic hunger. John was asked to be a member of the fact-finding delegation, which toured African countries devastated by drought and starvation as a representative of the Hunger project and UNICEF. Because of his tireless effort and dedication, Denver was awarded the Presidential “World Without Hunger” Award.

John also received recognition from many governments for his concerts about global hunger problems. Other causes that John supported include The National Wildlife Federation, Save The Children, The Cousteau Society, Friends of The Earth and the Human/Dolphin Foundation, to name just a few.


"My music and all my work stem from the conviction that people everywhere are intrinsically the same," Denver said in a 1995 interview. "When I write a song, I want to take the personal experience or observation that inspired it and express it in as universal a way as possible. I'm a global citizen. I've created that for myself, and I don't want to step away from it. I want to work in whatever I do…towards a world in balance, a world that creates a better quality of life for all people." - John Denver

This commitment led to the establishment of The Windstar Foundation, a non-profit environmental education and research center co-founded by John in 1976. Windstar works to promote a holistic approach to addressing global issues, inspiring individuals to recognize themselves as an integral and vital part of the world around them and to work toward a sustainable future for the world. .

The most prominent of John’s philanthropic involvements began when he founded "Plant-It 2020," a leading environmental foundation that urges people all over the world to plant as many indigenous trees as possible. This reforestation project aimed at encouraging citizens everywhere to recognize the necessity of replenishing what the world has wantonly destroyed. "Plant-It 2000" met with instant response from people everywhere in all walks of life, including major foundations, businesses and institutions. Nearly one million indigenous trees have been planted since the foundation was founded in 1992.

“ I see more clearly now what I can do about (the Earth’s needs), and I see that it needs doing as I live my life, daily, reverently. This isn’t the reverence of “holier than thou,” it’s the reverence that says, “Do thyself no harm, for we are all here together.” Not you or me, but you and me."

John spent a great deal of his time sharing his concerns and ideas about the environment, ending hunger and creating a healthy future for the global community. Some of the highlights of his speeches and presentations include:

Traveling throughout the United States, Japan, and Australia:
“Higher ground” environmental presentations on behalf of The Windstar Foundation

Temple University, “Ending Hunger, You and Me”

Kansas State University, on world hunger

National Association of Wheat Growers Convention in San Francisco, on world hunger

MENC National Convention in Miami Beach

World Federalists Association: “Message to the Next Civilization”

The National Press Club in Washington, D. C.: “ You and Me, the Transformation of Survival”


"...if peace is our vision, let us begin..."



On October 12, 1997, the world lost the talent and vision of John Denver. While most know some of his wonderful, uplifting music, fewer know the full extent of his humanitarian activities that encompassed ending hunger, supporting human rights and creating a healthy, sustainable environment. United in grief and spurred on by their love for this man and his work, a group of admirers and friends created the John Denver Memorial Peace Cloth as a visible expression of his message of peace for the planet.

Thousands of people from all walks of life, in countries as varied as Australia and South Africa, contributed colorful patches of material, resulting in a three-foot wide tapestry stretching over 1,000 feet. The original goal was for the cloth to be part of Millennium Peace Day, a worldwide peace demonstration at the United Nations in New York City on September 19, 2000. And it was. However, that spectacle was only the inauguration ceremony for this magical creation that continues to grow and tours constantly around the world.