Chapter 12

Additional Supplementation:  i26

In previous chapters it has been discussed that it would be of great value for everyone to supplement their diet with additional vitamins, and minerals. It is very hard (virtually impossible) to obtain and maintain an optimal amount of all of these vital nutrients (that which nourishes the body) based solely on whole food intake.

Linus Pauling, cured many types of cancer’s with massive doses of Vitamin C. 

Dr. Atkins, was able to relieve patients of many of the adverse effects of diabetes and significantly reduce their need for supplemental insulin and other diabetes drugs by initiating his particular diet. 

Just how healthy do you wish to become. 

To what lengths would one go to, to achieve their own personal optimum health?


Let us now go “Beyond Nutrition”:


There exists a company, which is responsible for the production and distribution of any number of health and wellness products. 

The cornerstone of Legacy for Life, is a scientifically enhanced, all-natural proprietary food product, which is listed in the Physicians Desk Reference for non-prescription drugs and dietary supplements. 

Scientific and clinical trials have revealed that this product, i26® with supportive clinical information  ( ), can be instrumental in helping to balance one’s Immune System:

In an attempt to provide a more informative and a less personal explanation of this product 

(one that I have taken and have relied on to keep me in a state of optimal health,  for the past 9 years) 

I am going to publish some of the information that may be found in the (Legacy for Life's) company web-site:

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i26 A Revolutionary Product is born!


 Immunity is the ability of the body to overcome infection, injury and disease producing organisms. It is the system that recognizes substances as foreign and tries to neutralize or eliminate them. The immune system is responsible for maintaining balance in every part of the body. The importance of a properly functioning immune system can't be overstated.

The goal set before the scientists at DCV (a partnership between two Fortune 200 Companies) was to develop products that would support a person's immune function to enable the system to balance naturally. By developing products that could feed the immune system, true long term health benefits could be realized.

The Amish were onto something
An old Amish tradition of feeding the family pudding made from the first milk after a calf was born was a way to fortify the family with beneficial immune factors. They understood passive transfer of immunity. In India where cows are revered as sacred, "first milk" is one of the first foods consumed when a person becomes ill. It appears they also understand the benefits of passive immunity. What we know now through scientific research is that consuming the first milk definitely has benefits but they are limited. This research on "first milk" led the research scientist at DCV down a very positive path of discovery. Could you use animals to generate immune factors good for human health? Could a product be developed using the technology that could be offered to the public as a supplement, not a pharmaceutical? Could it be done in an all natural way?

The answer to all of these questions was a resounding yes!
Even though the first studies looked at cows the scientist quickly discovered they were not the perfect animal to use to accomplish their goals. Cows, like all mammals, passively transfer their immunity to their offspring in the same way. Immune factors are passed in the womb through the blood stream and second over a period of time through breast feeding. These facts limit the amount of immune factors that could be harvested by using mammals, making the resulting products limited in effectiveness.

The method by which mammals transfer immunity is not true for all animals. Chickens as well as other birds and egg laying animals passively transfer immunity to their young in a different manner. They don't nurse their offspring like mammals and the eggs, once formed, are not connected to the mother. Chickens accomplish the act of passive transfer of immunity in the single act of egg formation. Because they are very efficient at passing immunity chicken eggs became the central focus of product development. A chicken egg contains 20 times the number of antibodies per unit than the milk passed by mammals. This natural concentration of antibodies is a very valuable trait. What the scientists were able to accomplish next led to the creation of i26 Hyperimmune Egg.

By exposing a specially selected flock of chickens to natural elements from the human world, they developed immunity to these elements. In a highly patented process these special eggs are harvested as a whole food and delivered to the public as i26 egg powder. Nothing is added to the egg nor has any chemical extraction taking place. They are a whole food, all natural product. These eggs have been proven to contain concentrated amounts of immune factors not found in a normal chicken egg or any other product on the market. Fifteen years of research at a cost of millions of dollars has delivered a product that partners with a person's immune system in a way not possible in the past. i26 is a product poised to change the way we stay well.


i26® Hyperimmune Egg
I26 Hyperimmune Egg

The gastrointestinal tract accounts for 60%-70% of the body’s immunity. 

It is a system that is under constant assault. Aging, stress, and exposure to synthetic chemicals and a host of unwanted microorganisms can all affect the GI tract. The results may be system-wide, ranging from joint discomfort to inflammation.

While Immune Protect serves as an immune booster, and Agave Digestive-Immune Support nurtures beneficial bacteria in the gut, i26® serves to complement these effects in a number of synergistic ways, for youthful immune balance:

  • It supports growth of endothelial cells to maintain the youthful integrity of the GI tract.
  • It suppresses the release of signaling molecules that can affect the body.
  • It cleanses the colon for a healthy digestive environment.

i26® is an all-natural powder produced from the eggs of hyper-immunized hens. 

It has been clinically shown over the past 20 years to support the immune system and help with gastrointestinal insults and digestive issues.

Supplement Facts

Serving Size 1 scoop (4.5 g)

Servings Per Container 31

Amount Per Serving



Calories from fat


Total fat

1.5 g

Saturated fat

0.6 g


14.1 mg


2 g

Ingredients: Egg powder with immune components.

Dosage and Use

Blend or shake at least 1-2 scoops in any cold liquid such as fruit juice or milk.

Sprinkle on any cold food such as salad, ice cream, yogurt or cereal.

Use once daily or as often as desired.

For best results, take in conjunction with a balanced diet and increased physical activity.


Keep in cool, dry place. Diabetics should also consult a physician, and monitor blood sugar levels closely. Products with i26® should not be heated, cooked or added to hot liquids. As with all products that contain eggs, persons with severe egg allergies should consult a health professional before using this product. Products with i26® should not be heated, cooked or added to hot liquids.


The Facts are in and they are overwhelming

i26 is a Revolutionary product poised to change how people stay well.

100 Worldwide Patents granted and submitted


It's not common for a product that is classified as a nutritional product to earn patent protection but i26 is no ordinary product. Patents have been awarded for the advanced technology used to develop i26, the preparation process, and the actual supporting effects i26 has on the immune system. No other supplement can claim this impressive combination of patents. Most nutritional supplements have no patents at all because you can't patent combinations of natural ingredients. i26 however was created from nature making it a very unique convergence of science and nature. 

Developed by a team of Immunological researchers at DCV, a partnership between 2 Fortune 200 companies

i26 is a product of true research and development. It was created in the same format as many of today's pharmaceuticals but with one major difference, i26 is all natural with no side effects. This is not a case of a single person having a "shazam moment" or the discovery of an exotic fruit from a far off place. i26 was developed out of hard work and the ingenuity of a dedicated group of research scientists, who would not stop until they found an answer to balancing the immune system. They understood that if they could help a person find balance it would have far reaching positive health effects that could change how we practice staying well.

Proven in pre-clinical and clinical trials around the world

i26 has been proven effective in pre-clinical and clinical trials to positively support proper immune function. Trials have been conducted by Harvard, The United States Military, The Hospital for Special Surgery in NYC and the University of Southern Mississippi among others. 

Trials have been conducted on many topics:

  • Joints
  • Cholesterol Levels
  • Digestive Health
  • Sports Performance
  • Inflammatory response
  • Quality of life issues for HIV/AIDS patients
A list of trials and their outcomes can be found by using the search term Hyperimmune Egg 

( )  

Over 50 million dollars has been spent to date developing i26 and studying its positive effects.


Hyperimmune Egg holds saGRAS Designation with the FDA

The United States Food and Drug Administration is the government agency responsible for regulating food, dietary supplements, drugs, cosmetics, medical devices, biologics and blood products in the United States. The main function of the FDA is to protect public health. The FDA has many important duties one of which is protecting the public against false claims made on pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical products. By law the FDA is responsible for approving drugs before they can be offered to the public but for products like i26 which are not drugs there role is different. The FDA by law can not approve nutritional products or a nutraceutical product like i26. However, if a product has the proper scientific proof properly presented to the FDA they can gain saGRAS designation. This designation recognizes that the product is a safe food product and can be consumed without reservation. The process undertaken to attain saGRAS designation is long and costly. It is another example of the extraordinary lengths the scientific arm of Legacy for Life has gone through to ensure our product is safe. Most nutritional products on the market today do not have this designation.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Like any supplement, this product is not intended to prevent, diagnose, treat, or cure disease.


i26 Hyperimmune Egg is now in the PDR

The 2011 Physicians Desk Reference now includes a listing and photo of i26 Hyperimmune Egg. The Physicians Desk Reference, or “PDR”, is the foremost authority on Pharmaceuticals. There are only a select group of non Pharmaceuticals listed in the reference and i26 is one of them.
This is another step forward in highlighting i26 Hyperimmune Egg as a legitimate force in helping people take control of their health. This listing now gives consumers the chance to share i26 Hyperimmune Egg with their health care professional. The products are listed on page 310 and 3548. Health care professionals can also search for i26 Hyperimmune Egg on line through the electronic version of the PDR.


When your system is in balance, inflammation is a friend.
When your system is out of balance, too
much inflammation means trouble!


What does an ingrown hair, a sprained ankle, even allergies have in common? They all cause the affected area to swell, turn red and become warm. This is due to an immunological response called inflammation, or more technically, an inflammatory immune response.

Most of the time inflammation is a life saver; it allows our body to fight off bacteria and other pathogens such as viruses, mold, parasites that can cause disease. Even in the developed world we are bombarded every day by pathogens and other foreign invaders. When we are attacked, inflammation is the tool the immune system uses to overpower the foreign agents and eliminate infected tissue. Inflammation is also called upon when we suffer injuries. When the job is completed, inflammation subsides, and healing can begin. With the proper amount of response, inflammation is our body's true ally. However, if a person's system is out of balance, inflammation may not shut down when it is supposed to which can lead to considerable tissue damage and then scarring.

Chronic Inflammation

When the immune system does not "turn" itself down properly inflammation becomes chronic and that leads to a host of problems. Everyday aches and pains, heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer's, joint and digestive problems have all been linked to chronic inflammation. It is also the culprit behind slow healing of injuries or inefficient recovery from intense exercise. There is no question in the scientific community that chronic inflammation (inflammatory immune responses that go on too long) are responsible for a majority of today's most feared health problems.

Too Much of an Initial Inflammatory Response

Think of your immune system like an army. Each part of the system has a job to do. Inflammatory immune responses or inflammation is the firepower used to overcome the enemy. But what if the immune system is not functioning properly and instead of sending a sharp shooter it sends a tank. When your immune system gets confused and sends too much inflammation out, it attacks and damages healthy cells and tissues around the infected area, which can lead to a host of auto-immune disorders. Problems associated with an overactive immune system are joint and muscular inflammation, digestive issues, circulatory and respiratory inflammation.

Not Enough Inflammation

Individuals who have trouble fighting off disease or sickness may not have enough of an inflammatory immune response. In these cases, without the right amount of inflammation, the individual is sick more often, and when they get sick, they stay ill for a longer period of time. Some problems associated with an under-active immune response are frequent colds or flu, hepatitis, HIV/AIDS, and cancer.

Balance is the Key:

When a person has an immune system that is working properly it is in balance. A balanced immune response sends the proper amount of inflammation to deal with a problem and it also understands when to turn the heat down, and let the healing begin.

i26 has been shown to promote a balanced immune response by providing the immune system with a host of biological molecules and proteins that act as the immune system's traffic cops. They help teach your immune system to up- or down- regulate its inflammatory immune responses. The elements in i26 Hyperimmune Egg helps the body determine in what direction it needs to "go" to balance its inflammatory immune responses.






i26 is a breakthrough in supporting the immune system

Your immune system is tied to every other part of your body. It is the system that protects and heals you when there is a health challenge. When your immune system is out of balance, your immune response is either insufficient to handle your health issue or it is overactive causing damage to healthy cells and tissue. If you have a specific health challenge it in some way is tied to your immune system response. Balance the immune response and you are on your way to living a healthier life. Living well means more than treating a symptom. It's solving your health issue and it all starts with your body's own immune system.

There are many supplements that indirectly support your immune system like vitamins, including antioxidants, and minerals. However there is only one patented, all natural supplement that directly partners with your immune system, going beyond nutrition to create immune system balance--and that is i26!

What is i26, Hyperimmune Egg, and how does it work?

i26 is an all natural, highly-patented ingredient that contains concentrated amounts of immune cofactors (bioactive molecules) and IgY antibodies delivered through 100% all natural egg protein.

i26 was designed to partner with the immune system to help it function properly. When your immune system is working properly your body can deal with many health issues in an efficient manner.

The immune factors in i26 help the immune system determine when to turn on, when to turn off, and how much inflammation to use to address a health challenge. i26 helps your system achieve balance. The cofactors and proteins found in i26 Hyperimmune Egg were developed specifically for human health.

An Introduction to i26

What is an immune factor?

Immune factors are bioactive molecules that signal other parts of the immune system to take action. Think of them as the traffic cops for the immune system. When your body has the right kind and enough of these cofactors it understands how and when to go into action.

i26 has earned two specific patents that prove these cofactors both up regulate (US Patent 6,420,337 Cytokine Activating cofactor) and down regulate (US Patent 7,083,809 Cytokine Inhibiting Cofactor) your immune response.

If you have an under-performing immune response and it needs to increase its levels of activity in response to a challenge, or if you have an overactive immune response and the body needs to down regulate it, decrease the level, i26 provides your body with information it needs to create a balanced immune response.

Who benefits from a balanced immune system?

Virtually everyone can benefit from a balanced immune system but some people have an immediate need to balance. People who can benefit very quickly are those who deal with auto-immune problems associated with an imbalance in their immune response.

Auto-immune problems can affect virtually every part of the body including respiratory, digestive, circulatory, joint, and muscular health. An imbalance in these areas can result in either an exaggerated inflammatory response caused by an overactive immune system or not enough inflammation resulting in an immune system that is unable to help the body deal with issues properly.

Everyone, healthy or otherwise, benefits when consuming i26. Everyday challenges can send your immune system into an imbalanced state.

You may think you are healthy but it does not take much to spin your immune system into an imbalanced state.
For example some challenges that can affect your immune system are:
  • Lack of sleep
  • Stressful work or home environment
  • The diet you consume
  • Poor drinking water or unhealthy foods
  • Extensive travel
  • Excessive physical exertion
  • Exposure to bacteria, viruses, molds, and parasites

When you become run down and or push yourself too hard, too fast, your immune system can get thrown off balance. This is a time when you are especially susceptible to health issues. Our daily lives are filled with new challenges and staying healthy starts with an optimized immune system. If your immune system is working efficiently and producing balanced inflammatory immune responses your body is better equipped to react positively.

A Legitimate - Credible and Effective medically developed supplement!

  • i26 Hyperimmune Egg is the only supplement known to partner DIRECTLY with your immune system to enable a balanced response.
  • i26 Hyperimmune Egg is the only supplement to provide a Cytokine Activating Factor US Patent 6,420,337. If you need a stronger immune response the Cytokine Activating Factor helps your immune system understand to turn up the heat.
  • i26 Hyperimmune Egg is the only supplement to provide a Cytokine Inhibitory Factor US Patent 7,083,809. If your immune system is too overactive and delivering too much inflammatory immune response Cytokine Inhibitory Factor helps your immune system to tone down.
  • i26 Hyperimmune Egg is the only natural supplement proven to help reduce joint inflammation when coupled with high grade glucosamine (FLEX) US Patent 6,706,267.
  • i26 Hyperimmune Egg is the only natural supplement proven to support digestive function. US Patent 6,803,035 and US Patent 5,772,999
  • i26 Hyperimmune Egg holds over 100 Global patents both granted and submitted.
  • i26 Hyperimmune Egg is featured in the main Physicians Desk Reference, the PDR. A reference traditionally reserved for pharmaceuticals. This reference is used by physicians and pharmacist.
  • i26 Hyperimmune Egg has no side effects
  • i26 Hyperimmune Egg can be taken with current medications without reservation.
  • i26 Hyperimmune Egg has been proven in pre clinical and clinical trials at Harvard, The United States Military, The Hospital for Special Surgery and Southern Mississippi University.
  • i26 Hyperimmune Egg has been proven through a double blind placebo study to Enhance Athletic Endurance by 16%
  • i26 Hyperimmune Egg has been proven through a double blind placebo study to Increase Muscular Strength by 3%
  • i26 Hyperimmune Egg has been proven through a double blind placebo study to Increase Anaerobic Power by 9%
  • i26 Hyperimmune Egg has been proven through a double blind placebo study to Decrease Sub-maximal Heart Rate by 9%
  • i26 Hyperimmune Egg has been proven through a double blind placebo study to Enhance Athletic recovery.
  • i26 Hyperimmune Egg holds a saGRAS designation from the FDA proving it is a safe food product for consumption without reservation.
  • i26 Hyperimmune Egg was proven to effectively help HIV/AIDS patients with quality of life issues like digestion, weight control and energy levels.
  • i26 Hyperimmune Egg was developed by a team of immunologist at DCV, a partnership of two Fortune 200 companies.
  • i26 Hyperimmune Egg has been granted an ABC insurance code.
  • i26 Hyperimmune Egg is reimbursable under a traditional FSA arrangement with the proper physician documentation.
  • i26 Hyperimmune Egg has been presented at medical conferences around the globe.


Dr. Greenblatt holds a dual doctorate, in microbiology and immunology from State University of New York, Downstate Medical Center, and is considered by many to be the foremost authority on polyvalent hyperimmune egg technology and its impact on the immune system. She has lectured extensively on the technology throughout the world, including the United States, Europe, Asia and Africa.

Dr. Hellen Greenblatt [Ph.D] is the Chief Science Officer of Legacy for Life, a direct sales company originally established as the marketing arm for DCV, Inc., a biotech company formed from a joint venture between DuPont and ConAgra to develop products that could benefit animal and human health.

Prior to joining Legacy for Life, Dr. Greenblatt was funded by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the National Institute of Health (NIH) for her studies on immune responses to infectious organisms. Dr. Greenblatt also received the highly competitive post-doctoral Research Council Associateship in Washington, D.C. under whose auspices she conducted studies in African sleeping sickness.

Dr. Greenblatt, or Dr. Hellen as she is affectionately known, has held research and management positions at premier scientific and medical companies. She was Vice President of Development for Clinical Sciences, Inc. (CSI) in NJ, where she developed highly specific tests [ELISAs] for detecting infection in mothers and their newborns. She is proud of the introduction of these tests into major hospitals and laboratory sites throughout the United States and around the globe.

After leaving CSI, Dr. Hellen became part of the HIV-assay development team at E. I. DuPont Nemours. In 1990 she left the group to become Founder and President of M-Cap Technologies International, a division of DuPont ConAgra Visions [a joint venture between DuPont and ConAgra]. Dr. Hellen also served as Vice President of the company when it became a separate entity [DCV Inc.] from DuPont and ConAgra. She established research programs for DCV Inc’s various science-oriented businesses, and helped design the quality assurance and quality control programs used to monitor the quality and uniformity of each batch of i26 powder and Legacy for Life's i26 COMPLETE support. Another of her primary responsibilities was the design of protocols for pre-clinical and clinical trials. Their results validated the structure and function claims made about i26.

A member of the New York Academy of Sciences, American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, and the American Society for Nutrition, Dr. Hellen is widely published and holds patents and applications for polyvalent hyperimmune egg, including pivotal gastrointestinal health patents.

Among a few select individuals, Dr. Hellen has been cited in many biographical references including...
Who's Who in America 62nd Edition 2008
Who's Who of American Women, 2006-2007 25th Sliver Anniversary Edition
Who’s Who in Medicine and Healthcare 2006-2007
2005 Woman of Achievement Award
International Scientist of the Year-2004
American Men and Women of Science (21st Edition) (The premier biographical
reference on North American Scientists)


Dr. Hellen Greenblatt is loved the world around for helping so many people in so many ways.  Her decades of research as an immunologist and microbiologist has led to breakthrough discoveries that have given thousands of people better health & wellness.

As a child of parents who immigrated to New York City after a devastating European war experience, Dr. Hellen Greenblatt's upbringing instilled two primary values and goals:  getting the best education possible and helping as many people as possible.

"My childhood was spent in a tough neighborhood in Brooklyn, NY.  My most persistent memory of that time is seeing some of the older neighborhood women laboriously trying to cross the street, stooped over with pain, as drivers impatiently honked their horns and sometimes shouted obscenities.  I realized early on that it was not fair that so many people have to suffer so much with limited mobility and pain, and wondered what I could do about it.  I decided I wanted to become a scientist and spend my life making a difference for people.  I chose being a scientist because physicians help their patients mostly on a one-to-one basis, but as a scientist I felt I could possibly make discoveries that could affect millions for years to come."  - Dr. Hellen Greenblatt

Dr. Hellen  feels very fortunate to have realized her goal... with the development of i26®, she is definitely helping masses of people all over the world.

"For the last decade, i26® and its underlying naturally-based technology have been my focus and all-consuming passion. Although, initially I was highly skeptical of the technology (and tried to disprove its efficacy), the laboratory as well as pre-clinical and clinical trials proved without question that i26 helps the body balance and modulate immune responses. There is no question for me, and for tens of thousands of others, that daily consumption of i26 leads to dramatic quality of life changes."   
                                                   - Dr. Hellen Greenblatt


"i26 is a common sense approach to maintaining and supporting one’s health. A balanced immune system is vital to maintaining optimal health. i26 lets the body do what it does best, naturally."
                                                 - Dr. Hellen Greenblatt

Outside Forces and the Immune System

Questions and Answers

What is i26?

i26 is an all-natural egg powder made from special hyperimmune eggs that deliver antibodies and complex bioactive immune factors to help your body balance its immune inflammatory responses.

I already take vitamins. Why do I need i26?

Vitamins are important for nutritional support and indirectly help the immune system. i26 Hyperimmune Egg is in a category all its own. It partners directly with the body by providing antibodies and other immune factors not found in any vitamin, mineral, or herb.

Does i26 "boost" the immune system?

No. i26 does not artificially "boost" the immune system. It helps the immune system heal and balance itself to achieve optimal performance.

What scientific detail is available for health practitioners?

The Web site  provides scientific information on the hyperimmune egg ingredient. Details appear in the Physicians' Desk Reference, while other information is available as publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals.

Are there other products that balance the immune system like i26?

The short answer is a resounding "NO". There may be some products that claim to "boost" the immune system. These so-called "immune products" come from chemical extracts of white blood cells that tend to artificially "force" the body into a "boosted", inappropriate state.

This is certainly not a good option for anyone with an over active immune system that already suffers from too much inflammation, for example those with arthritis, diabetes, lupus, Crohn's bowel disease, etc.

i26 is pure egg powder and helps the body to heal itself by letting it return to it own natural balance. Also, an important point is that all the published research on i26 Hyperimmune Egg was conducted with the same exact ingredient that you and I consume each day, not some other company's laboratory product.

How does i26 compare to fruit juices or extracts from fruits and vegetables?

A wide variety of colorful phytonutrient-rich fruits and vegetables are important for our health. Whole fruits and vegetables are the best way to get these phytonutrients (and their accompanying fiber). Nutrients of all kinds, especially phytonutrients, indirectly affect immune health.

Most fruit juices and perhaps some extracts provide some amount of antioxidants. Antioxidants are important as the immune systems' "clean up crew". Their job is to clear out the dead cells and tissue left after the work of the immune response is done. This is an example of indirect (not direct as is the case with i26) support to the immune system.

How many servings of i26 are best?

The majority of individuals report that at one, but typically two servings a day of i26 Hyperimmune Egg, they experience major quality of life changes; and they use more as desired when the body is having problems balancing.

Since we are all affected differently by external and internal stressors, the exact number of servings for each individual may vary. Try two servings a day and see what works best for you. Listen to your body in terms of energy and well-being.

How do I know which form of i26 I should consume?

One serving of i26 (4.5 grams) is found in the following products:

one 1 scoop of pure i26 Powder
three 3 i26Chewables
nine 9 i26Capsules
one 1 i26COMPLETE SUPPORT shake
one 1 i26 FIT shake (two scoops of i26FIT)

What is the best way to make i26 part of my daily diet?

Before beginning i26, it is suggested that you temporarily refrain from other supplements and herbs (except for those containing only vitamins). Then, begin by consuming 1/4 of a serving every day 3-4 days. Increase to 1/2 of a serving every day for 3-4 days, then a whole serving for 3-4 days. Finally, add a second scoop of i26 and see how you are feeling.

How do hyperimmune eggs differ from regular supermarket eggs?

The hyperimmune eggs that are used to obtain pure i26 Hyperimmune Egg come from specially selected hens. These eggs contain antibodies, but they have many-fold the concentration of bioactive immune factors found in regular supermarket eggs.

Can't I just eat regular eggs and get the same benefits found in i26?


Supermarket eggs are from hens that have only been exposed to other hens, not to organisms of human interest.

Is i26 approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)?


Only prescription medications can be FDA approved. Dietary supplements like vitamins and i26 are not within their approval jurisdiction. However i26 holds sa-GRAS designation and a Master Food File with the FDA. These designations are difficult to attain and few supplements have been able to qualify for sa-GRAS status (place link into sa-GRAS designation) or a Master Food File.

FDA oversight responsibility for dietary supplements.
Dietary supplements are under the "umbrella" of foods. FDA's Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition (CFSAN) is responsible for the agency's oversight of dietary supplements. The FDA tries to monitor the marketplace for potential illegal products (that is, products that may be unsafe, or make false or misleading claims). These efforts include inspections of dietary supplement manufacturers and distributors, the Internet, consumer and trade complaints, occasional laboratory analyses of selected products, and reported adverse events associated with the use of supplements.

Should I stop my prescription drugs when starting i26?

Absolutely not. Never change or stop your prescribed medications without first consulting your prescribing physician. Medications do not interfere with i26 or vice versa, so you can introduce i26 gradually, while still taking your medications. Your doctor can consult their PDR for detailed information on i26. The only known adverse reactions occur in individuals that suffer from severe egg allergies.

Does i26 contain any sugar, dairy products, or gluten?

i26 is a whole food product and has the exact nutritional make up of a traditional table egg. There is no sugar, whey, gluten, sugar or other food ingredients in i26.

How soon after consuming i26 will I start to "feel something"?

Typically, within 3-9 days of consuming at two servings per day of i26 Hyperimmune Egg individuals report experiencing changes in their energy levels and feeling of well-being. Each individual is different and depending on conditions resulting from an over active or under active immune system changes are felt at different intervals.

How many servings of i26 are too many?

Because i26 has the same nutritional value as a regular table egg no adverse effects will result from large-scale consumption. It was proven through a double blind, placebo-controlled study that i26 Hyperimmune Egg actually helps the body maintain healthy cholesterol levels. Some individuals who were dealing with major immune system issues have consumed as much as 30 servings a day with positive results.

How do I know if I'm taking enough servings of i26?

Typically, people feel best when they consume two servings per day. Listen to your body. Your energy levels are a window into our body. As you start to balance, your energy will increase.

When should I increase the number of i26 servings I consume?

During times of increased internal or external stress, when you feel "under the weather" or not your regular self, your immune system is working even harder. You may wish to increase the number of servings you are consuming to help return to immune homeostasis or balance.

How much i26 should I give my child?

If using pure i26 powder, start with 1/8 of a serving for several days, then 1/4. If you desire more, then gradually increase to 1/2 of a serving, 3/4 of a serving and finally a full scoop. See how your child focuses their energy to decide what amount is appropriate.

Can pregnant or nursing women consume i26?

Yes. If you can eat eggs, then you can consume i26. Many women have used i26 before, during and after their pregnancy and their babies are doing great! Of course, as with any diet changes during pregnancy, you should first consult your health professional.

Is there a loading period with i26?

Yes, but it may be different for each person. It is recommended that you consume i26 for a minimum of 30 continuous days to experience its full effects.

Will i26 increase my cholesterol levels?

The science supports the fact that for most of the population, the contribution of dietary cholesterol (what you eat) to your cholesterol levels in the blood is minimal. One would need to consume 15 servings of i26 to get the amount of cholesterol in a single supermarket egg. (Additionally, a double-blind placebo-controlled study, partially funded by the U.S. Army, Nutrition Division, reported that cholesterol levels were not raised in subjects on i26; in fact, cardiovascular health was supported.**)

What supplements can I take along with i26?

It is recommended that you start with a "clean slate." It is best not to take products like herbs, animal, or plant extracts when you are starting i26. You may incorporate them later, one at a time, when you know how much i26 makes you feel best.

Do people consuming i26 for long periods of time become tolerant or dependent?

No, you will not become tolerant or dependent. People have taken i26 Hyperimmune Egg for over 10 years and are still using the same number of servings as when they started. When you consume i26, you simply provide the body with a buffet of compounds that help support balanced immune function. These immune elements remain in the body for about 3 days.

I have diabetes. Can I still take i26 COMPLETE SUPPORT?

i26COMPLETE SUPPORT has only 8 grams of sugar per scoop, much less than a typical bowl of cereal. Many people with diabetes find that consuming i26 helps their quality of life. Just start gradually and monitor your glucose levels to make sure you are not re-balancing too rapidly.

I have a medical condition. How will i26 affect me?

i26 does not cure, treat or prevent disease. However, an optimized immune system will make a difference in your quality of life. Start gradually, consuming one scoop of i26 (4.5g) each day. Slowly increase to 3, then 4 scoops per day (more as desired) and see how you feel.

Can a transplant patient take i26?

i26 is pure egg; if you can eat eggs, then you can consume i26. i26 does not "boost" immune function, but instead helps the body to optimize it. As a transplant patient, though, it is essential that you check with your doctor before adding any supplements to your diet.

Can I take enzymes while taking i26?

Taking enzymes while consuming i26 may destroy some of the larger immune components and proteins found in this ingredient. However, you can take enzymes 4-6 hours after your i26. For example, use i26 during the morning hours and if you think the enzymes are still necessary after balancing your digestive tract with i26, use enzymes at your evening meal.

I have a medical question. Can someone at Legacy for Life answer it for me?

Legacy for Life is a dietary supplement company, not a pharmaceutical company. For medical questions please consult with your health practitioner.


The United States Military tested the equivalent of i26COMPLETE SUPPORT in the gold standard of all clinical trials, a double-blind, placebo-controlled trial. None of the subjects, nor the doctors, knew who they were taking the product with i26, or one without i26. The results of the study showed no increase in cholesterol levels. Instead, it showed their cardiovascular systems were supported. The scientific paper on this study can be found at In formal clinical trials, no physician has ever reported increased cholesterol levels in subjects using i26.


i26 gave me my life back!
During a trip to Mexico I got a severe case of food poisoning. Unfortunately for me it wrecked by entire system. I became so sick that I was flown out of the country back to Florida for treatment. The doctors were able to help me get rid of the food poisoning but I was left with severe joint and muscle pain. I was so sensitive to the touch that even laying down hurt. My life literally had gone from very active to just trying to get by. I went from doctor to doctor going through a countless number of tests but all the physicians said the same thing, they could not find anything wrong with me. Finally, one of the specialist suggested I go see a Rheumatologist. He was able to tell me that I did not have a life threatening problem but I did have a problem that he could not help with. There were no pharmaceticals available that were really effective and all came with bad side effects. I had already tried most of them and was not interested in trying them again. He suggested I go search for anything that might help.

The Call
I can remember it like it was yesterday, a friend called me and suggested I try i26, a product she had found to help with a problem she was having with her joints. Well, I had already tried everything else even going as far as laying in tubs of vinegar so I was up for anything. After only three days I was up feeling pretty well. Well enough that my husband noticed I was moving much better. He asked what was going on and I remember telling him I'm not sure, "I feel pretty good maybe its that egg stuff". That was eight years ago and I have never been without i26. My muscle pain and joint soreness has all but disappeared. I am not completely active and working full time. What I discovered later was that when I contracted food poisoning it sent my system in chaos. My immune system went into overdrive pumping out huge amounts of inflammation and in my weakened state a problem that had laid dormant was now able to surface. Once I was able to get my immune system back into balance my body was able to deal with the muscle and joint disorder I was suffering from. If more people would try to find the root of the problem and not try to manage the symptoms they would be much better off. I don't really understand how it all works but I do know that i26 gave me my life back.

- Jan M. (Florida)

1,238 days and counting
My entire family has been using i26 for over 3 years and with the exception of some light allergy problems all six of us have been well the entire time. My four children have not missed a day of school and my husband and I have not missed a day of work since we started taking i26. If we feel like we are starting to come down with something we double up on our servings and let our immune systems do the rest. I have recommended the product to many families in our community and almost all have the same experience as we do. Before i26 we would get sick in the winter and end up needing antibiotics because a cold would get out of control or something. Its nice to not have to worry about that any longer. We try to eat right and the kids are also active in sports. Other than that its i26.

- Jenny M. (Oklahoma City, OK)

I use i26 for one simple reason "IT WORKS"
I've been racing motocross since I was a kid so I have first hand experience at the toll it can take on your body as you age. My passion now is racing vintage motocross bikes like the ones I rode in the 70's. Now that I am 52 and like most of us head back to work every Monday, recovering from my weekend competition is crucial. The older bikes really deliver a pounding to my body and soreness and aches and pains are a real issue. No one wants to walk around like an old man at the office. Thank goodness I found i26! Since I started taking i26 I have not had the stiffness and sore muscles that come with racing on the weekends. My recovery without i26 would go well into mid week, not anymore. I am completely ready to go without any problems by Tuesday.

- Bret H. (Phoenix, AZ)

The older I get the more thankful I am for i26. 79 and doing fine!
My son forced me to start taking i26 and Flex and man am I glad he did. I was complaining about my knees and feet hurting so much I could not take my walks like I wanted to. I had started to put on weight and was unhappy about it. I started taking 2 scoops and 2 Flex, it took about 3 weeks before I realized I was not hurting like before. I was able to start walking my neighborhood again soon after that. The best part is I can't tell you how good it is at my age not to ache and I have not been sick at all since I started taking i26. I don't like everything my son makes me do but I sure am glad he insisted I start i26.

- Gloria M. (Marshall, TX)

That Egg Stuff
I have always been active but a little thing called Throat Cancer slowed me down. In short I started treatments but like many in my position felt very lethargic, I had some stomach issues because of the medicine but most of all I had zero energy. It took all I had to get up most days but I thought that was normal. I was able to complete treatments but was still very weak until a business colleague suggested i26. I checked with my doctor and even though he did not know about i26 he could find nothing wrong with eating what is essentially egg. We started putting small amounts in my feeding tube then gradually increasing the amount. After several days I had much, much more energy. I figured I was just getting better because it had been a week since my last treatment so I stopped taking the egg. Well, after 4 days I was back in bed and decided to start "That Egg Stuff" again. I am now a believer in i26. Within a few days I was starting to feel like myself again, walking, even skeet shooting with my sons. I will never be without it and try to tell my story to anyone who will listen.

- Quinton S. (Colorado Springs, CO)

My incredible story, my digestive issues are gone.
Over 15 years ago I couldn't absorb nutrients, I was losing weight (I went as low as 112 lbs @ 5'10"!), had severe abdominal discomfort all day long, abnormal and infrequent bowel movements, and I was tired all the time--my life was misery.

One evening I was rushed to the hospital because my colon had ruptured and a very severe infection was spreading rapidly throughout my body. There was no choice but to have emergency surgery and hopefully catch the infection before it spread further.

The surgery that followed changed my life for years, even though the colostomy was only supposed to be temporary. The doctor resectioned the colon, connecting it to my stomach wall so I had to excrete into a bag.

Now, not only did I have to deal with all of the aforementioned symptoms but also had the unpleasant task of dealing with "this bag" hanging from the outside of my stomach. When you suffer from a medical condition like this, you have to be strong enough to fight the physical symptoms but you also have to be strong mentally to fight changes in your appearance and life. Going from 140 or 145 lbs. to as low as 112 and looking like, as my Mother says now, a POW, takes a mental toughness that I never realized I had. The battle was just beginning! Physically and emotionally I was drained from the battle.

Many years passed, with little or no change and it was not easy coming to terms that the doctor said that I would have to live with this the rest of my life. Any medications I took not only had side-effects, but the more I used them the less effective they became.

My life basically consisted of going to work (if I had the energy), coming home and lying on the couch or in bed, eating very little dinner, visiting the bathroom frequently, taking medication that provided very little if any relief and going to bed. Trying to sleep through the night was impossible. I would wake up frequently because of the abdominal discomfort, attempt to go to the bathroom and either not be able to or have an abnormal movement. My sleep was interrupted all night long and I never felt rested. This continued day after day, week after week, month after month--basically, I had no life!

I had come to the realization that I would have to live with lack of quality of life and the so-called "temporary" bag. While waiting to see my doctor for an appointment, I was telling a man about my problems and he told me he had been taking this product called I26 and that it had changed his quality of life dramatically.

I was really skeptical because I had tried many supplements before, but decided to check it out and get some.

Boy was I surprised! I started using i26 Hyperimmune Egg about 9 years ago and have been on it since then. My results have been nothing short of phenomenal! My bowels are normal, I sleep through the night, I have a great appetite, and I am back to a healthy 170 lbs. After years I started exercising again, got back to my favorite game of golf and my energy levels have changed significantly.

After only four months of being on i26 Hyperimmune Egg my surgeon said I had a pink, healthy colon and I had surgery to reconnect my colon. My surgeon was pleased and advised me there is a 95% chance there would not be a recurrence of my intestinal issues.

I am convinced that being on i26 made all the difference in my body being able to balance my immune system and my digestive tract and I thank God that I met that man in the reception room.

  • Mid 1995, intestinal discomfort and poor quality of life
  • Nov. 1996, colon ruptured and emergency surgery with resulting colostomy bag.
  • Apr. 2001, started i26. This is the ONLY change in my diet.
  • Jun. 2001, doctor scoped colon, found pink, healthy intestine. Previous to this he would not even think about reconnecting.
  • Sep. 2001, colon reconnected, NO MORE BAG!!! (after five (5) years of suffering)
  • Dec. 2003, a healthy 170 lbs (on a 5'10" frame) and life is good!
  • June 2009, 175lbs and feeling very healthy. Blood work normal.
- John S. (Virginia)

No more aches and pains and plenty of energy
Some 12 years ago, I was in a bad car accident and ended up with a broken hip and back. My discomfort was significant and I eventually ended up with crutches. When I was told that I needed a hip replacement, I started on i26®, FLEX and EICO-BALANCE. Then, eight months ago, I broke my fibular. My surgeon was impressed with my relative lack of discomfort and how fast I healed. He compared current x-rays to my previous films and said that he no longer thought I was a candidate for hip replacement, especially since the daily aches and discomforts of my life had disappeared. I wanted a second opinion. My new physician was so impressed by the changes and in my total level of comfort that she is now suggesting i26 to her new patients. At age 75, i26 and FLEX give me energy, a better night's rest, allow me to attend to my farm animals again, and have kept me functioning even through the winter months. My quality of life has improved significantly! Thank you Legacy! I hope I shall never be without i26!"


No more flakey embarrassing skin problems! 26 years of topical solutions and injections could not do what all natural i26 could.
I have had a skin disorder that has plagued my life for about 26 years !! I did not have the worst case ever but it definitely was awful. My scalp was so bad that I was embarrassed every time I got a hair cut and I couldn't wear black shirts because it was like a bad case of dandruff. It was on my forehead so I was forced to have bangs to hide it as best as I could. I had it really bad on my knees and various spots on my legs so I could never wear a dress or shorts. It was also on my back, torso, elbows and inside my ears. It is a very ugly disease and it really beats up your self esteem. It truly has a devastating effect on your life because it is so visible. I would take my kids to the pool and have to suffocate in a cover up while everyone else was enjoying the water in their bathing suits. My kids friends would always say "what's wrong with your knees?", or "ewww, what's on your elbows", if I tried to uncover a bit. It literally changed the way I dressed and the way I felt about myself for many years. I was skeptical about how much i26 would help because it did not advertise any help for such a problem. A friend told me about a friend of theirs that swore it took away their skin problems, so I thought I had nothing to lose. Well I did lose -- my horrible skin problems!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so thrilled, I feel truly like I have been born again, with someone else's great skin!! I cannot tell you how much money and time I have invested on topical prescriptions, puva light treatments, and even injections that have a list of side effects a mile long and can even cause death!!!! For over half of my life I have been fighting this horrible problem and thanks to i26, I have a normal life again! I cannot tell you how grateful I am and I am telling everyone I know about it. I am going on vacation this week and can't wait to show off my new skin!!!!! Thank you from the bottom of my soul!!!!

Kind regards,

-Lisa V. (Maine)

I can play golf again!
"I am 75 years old and have had back problems since I was in my thirties. About 22 years ago, I had to give up playing golf due to the aches it caused. Maybe because of the lack of physical activity, I had to have a double bypass in 1998. I also started to get dizzy and had problems with my memory.

"Then, about six years ago, I began taking i26 and FLEX. Now, thanks to my body's healing abilities, the addition of i26 and FLEX, I find I'm no longer dizzy, my memory has come back, and I am playing golf on a weekly basis! Plus, all the women tell me I look 10 years younger than my chronological age.

"By the way, I just had blood work done and my physician was going down the list of results saying, 'Great, great, great' when he stopped in the middle of reading and said to me, 'You are 75 years old and you are so healthy!' It was as if he didn't understand!"

- Jerry W. (Florida)

My son no longer needs breathing treatments!
My son has had to endure more colds and ear infections in his 5 years than I have had to in my whole life. What is interesting is that he does not seem to be alone, it has become a common problem with many kids. It had resulted in many trips to the doctor, the pattern was a simple cold would turn into an infection that would lead to antibiotics and 2x per day breathing treatments. We were convinced to try i26 after a friend told us of their experience with their son. I checked out the safety of the product and if it was Ok for kids and I am glad I made the decision to try it. It made sense that if his immune system was working right he would not get as sick as often and its true. We have eliminated the need for breathing treatments ($500 per month) and he only occasionally gets a stuffy nose. He wants his Strawberry Milk (i26 Complete Support) every morning. We now have the entire family on i26 and tell every mom we run into about it.

- Nick B. (Corn,



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